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True love; the friend of your soul

True love comes but once in one's lifetime. Embrace it, cherish it, be grateful for it, for as much money as there is in the world, it cannot be bought. Love is forward looking; it understands it's past, which in turn is it's true compass to negotiate the present and navigate the future. If one leaves love's opportunity behind, one will be blind to it forever more in the years ahead, for it has a unique fingerprint that cannot be seen by the human eye. It is only visible when love's symmetry engulfs your heart and soul, with which it opens a gate that shall only open once and forwards


As you feel the pebbles under your feet on love's journey, know that every feeling will be felt for a reason; the sharp pebbles will readjust love's past to the smoother pebbles that will welcome you both as you progress forward through time. Life is as precious as holding each other's hands. Love will rest between your touch , it will mingle within your breaths when your noses touch, and know no discernible difference within the taste of your kiss.


True love is the friend of your soul and as such, be patient and allow every piece of its' puzzle to find its' place, for within that glorious border will be the rays of warmth from your one, your only soulmate. Sit by each other's side, and you will be swept into a life only your love will recognize.


Others will scoff at it, but they will never live it, for their journeys through life will be of their own choosing, and hence scrawled in a dialect of love indecipherable to you both. Know that your special love will be always and forever. 


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