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Are you slowly inching towards a better life, or does your life need to be completely refurbished? Either is a positive plan for success. If it's neither you are lost, because no-one lives a perfect life. There is always something to improve on; perhaps a more beautiful sunset to see, or a completely selfless day to live.


Don't let world events dictate how happy or sad you are. If they do, after Brexit and the US political shambles, you are likely to be a miserable wreck by now. Macron in France has probably given you some hope though, as the youngest French President at thirty-nine leading a political party barely a year old. And no politicians to be found either? Polpulism with common sense?


I was happiest as a child: no responsibilities to be held hostage to; no mobile devices to maintain. Just a swimming pool, a ball to kick around, and an innocently fashioned bow and arrow to keep me busy. What does that point to? Yes you've got it, 'Simplicity'. Keep your life simple and you will give yourself time to enjoy the colours that nature continues to paint every day with. Simplicity gives you time to hear the sounds that nature hangs from the skies,  and populates the trees with. They are both constants in your life if you take the time to just listen, or look up from your mobile device for just a moment.


So this weekend give yourself that opportunity to 'see and hear' beyond your hectic life and find the simplicity in your life. Sweep away the responsibilities, if only for an hour.


Make your life extraordinary! If only for a moment.

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