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Loss, and life after

As sure as night follows day, everyone will die one day for it is the 'cycle of life'.


What will follow after you lose someone so dear to you, will be tears and heartbreak. Your emotions that have soared so high during their time in your life, will now reach lows never experienced before, for life’s scales must rebalance.


Thereafter, as you live every day, no one should ever be afraid to live that sadness as well. For as paradoxical as it may seem, there is a beauty in living those memories with a hint of sadness. The pain will ease, but the melancholy will remain forever. Accept that much.


In the last seven years, I have lost three of the most precious people in my life. I now know that I will carry their loss with me forever.


After my mother passed in 2011, an extreme bout of depression enveloped my life. From psychologists to my closest and dearest friends, try what they may, I have never truly broken free from it. I saw the interview of Billy Bob Thornton (below) on Oprah’s Master Class, and I finally began to find peace in my melancholy.


With the loss of each person, a part of my heart has died as they have died, or passed through. After my mother’s passing, I never wanted closure in the traditional sense, and I never truly knew why? I now know it was so I could honour her, and those most precious to me, and their time in my life.


As I look up into the stars, I know there are three stars in my heart that shine just as beautiful in their black holes of melancholy. I know we will meet again, be it in this lifetime, or the next. Until then, I will continue to honour them with melancholy.


And you know, that’s just fine with me!



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